Holland | Billups is a collection of (mostly) one-of-a-kind jewelry designs inspired by the past, yet revived for the future. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and handmade by Nancy Billups in her small studio in San Antonio, Texas. 

As a self-taught jewelry designer, Nancy takes an artisanal approach to each piece, working directly with the materials to find inspiration for the design, rather than sketching out a preconceived idea. This unconventional approach has resulted in an eclectic mix of designs with a focus on material. Always on the hunt for treasures from the past, each unique necklace or earring often includes a vintage, antique or upcycled element. The process of deconstructing and reconstructing vintage pieces creates what Holland | Billups considers "sustainable style". While most pieces reflect the past, others are constructed solely of semi-precious stones such as baroque pearls, turquoise, quartz or kunzite. Many designs are a mix of both vintage and contemporary elements. 

It brings Nancy great joy to think of these pieces entering new chapters and creating new histories. Thank you for being a part of this journey!