Cocktail Ticklers - Cactus

Cocktail Ticklers - Cactus

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Our "Cocktail Ticklers" are an ever-changing collection of 1940's & 50's crystal clip-on earrings that have been hand-embellished with chain fringe for a stylish update. Each Cocktail Tickler becomes a One-of-a-Kind treasure as these high quality mid-century earrings become increasingly more difficult to find. The Holland|Billups Cocktail Tickler can be worn formally with a cocktail dress or ball gown, or casually with jeans and a white tee shirt! 

Historic Note: A particular favorite to collect and embellish is the exquisite earrings created early mid-century by Manhattan designer Albert Weiss. His pieces are especially brilliant as he used only the highest quality Austrian crystals in his designs. 


Cactus Tickler Measurements: Drops about 3 1/2 inches